Wrote a little more today, not much sadly but still more of the story. I’m currently ill and have been since January so although there may be a long gap between parts, and even if those parts are small I hope you enjoy. I’ll link to part 1 and include a small part of the previous part in each new content post for the story.

If you have any questions send an ask through my tumblr.

That all said without further ado… part 2 of my unnamed story, hope you enjoy and please as me before posting anywhere else. Thank you :).


Raising his swords, he jumped, spinning toward the creature. His blades hit nothing, thrown off balance, he hits the floor.  A husk of a human, glowing yellow eyes that pierced his mind. Long talons for fingers, shining in the dim lantern light. It was that moment that it decided to strike.

It landed on top of him, his blades the only thing keeping the creature from ripping him apart. The creature screeched in his face, gloopy saliva splattering his face, accompanied by the stench of rotting flesh. Its thin, cheeks shallow, the skin on its arms seemed to mould itself around human like bones.

“Pretty pretty pretty…” It squealed in twisted delight, “You’ll be like me one day. Although you don’t even know what I am do you?” It’s high pitched laugh echoed around the street. Quickly withdrawing, it then turns and rushes in, one of its long hands gripping his neck and slamming him down on the roof. The creature moved its head over his, its free hand pulling his hood away from his face. Panic streaming through his mind, this was it he was done. It laughed hysterically as it began stroking his face gently with one of its claws.

“Do you? Know what I am?” It paused to laugh once again. Although as they say…” It leaned in closer, and whispers in his ear. “Experience is the best teacher I find.” With one hand the creature began forming a ball of lumina, a vortex of blood red spider webs, spinning faster and faster, the evil intent seeped out the magic like venom. The bloody webs pulled at his eyes, forcing them open, forcing him to look at them.

With its other hand, the creature held his face, using the claw of what resembled a thumb it cut his arm. The cut drawing a trickle of blood, trailing down his arm and slowly dripping, drop by drop onto the floor. Licking the claw clean, it then cut itself in return, except this time dripping its blood into the ball of webs. The webs seemed to react to its blood, glowing like a small red beacon in the night.

“Open wide and say ahh.” It said playfully, laughing once more as the pulsating, red webs few into his mouth, eyes and ears. The whole world becoming black, silent, as if everything had just vanished except pain. He could feel his muscles tightening, he was paralysed, unable to move as the pain over took his mind and he lost all consciousness.



Hood low casting a shadow over her face, midnight blue cloak billowing behind her as she runs over the roof tops. Feet making barely a sound as each foot connects with the tiles, her daggers in hand she dashes through the night. She could sense the dark energy of hollow magic, the darkness infesting another being. She’d recognized this feeling from previous encounters such as this on her regular patrols. She often got to the victim to late to save them, a hollow twisted form standing before her, that’s how hollows are made, once their soul has been eaten by another. She promised herself that she would get to the next in time. Her armor was light, this allowed her to move silently and with minimal noise, allowing her to be faster in battle as well as more agile.

But on the other hand she’d been paired up with her brother Davith who was much the opposite, a heavy footed, burley, giant of a man, in heavy plate armor. He runs along the street in toe with her as she leads the patrol. He works as the distraction, he couldn’t be anything but a distraction due to the echoing thump of his feet and the clanking of his armor, and she comes in from behind, silent as a mouse but as deadly as a viper. Curved daggers in hand she sees a skeletal form leaning over a form laying on the cobble stones, red webs enveloping them as they lie still as stone. Signaling Davith to move in she begins running around to the roof tops on the opposite side of the courtyard.

Davith unhooks his ginormous, two-handed sword from its sheath on his back. His sword, six feet long, glowing orange runes flaring to life in his hands, coming to life one by one from hilt to tip. Simple in design, plain handle, cross bar to protect his fingers, hand grip, with a straight razor sharp blade, no more no less. Blade in hand he charges the creature, yet it remained unconcerned… if not unaware of his presents. The crimson webs continued to grow over the form on the floor. Davith thrusting his sword above him, he swung the blade down in and arc, aiming for the creature’s neck.

A loud clang echos around the street, bouncing off buildings and increasing in intensity. His blade stops dead, jarring his arms and making them limp, pain shooting up his arms all the way to his shoulder. Blade slamming to the ground, its weight cracking the stones and sending pieces flying, dust billowing up and a low humming from his blade now resting on the ground.


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