Whole 1st chapter written!!!

It’s free to read on wattpad, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have writing it. There’s more to come, I’m currently writing the second chapter, if you have any questions you can ask them here or on my tumblr.

Odd, is a 20 year old hunter who has lived in the cave city of Ennar for the last  eight years. Now on his first solo mission as a hunter he comes across a rare and dark creature, that changes his life forever. A Hisk feeds on his soul, it’s intent to change Odd into a Hisk. Before the Hisk can complete it’s dark ritual Seranna and Davith, brother and sister duo from the legendary Hollow Blades guild, save him from the dark fate of a Hisk. But the ritual leaves a mark on all of those it has touched. Now forever marked Odd must find a new way to live in his new dark reality. Along with his powers he joins his new found allies in a mission beyond the bounds of Ennar. Serranna, Davith and Odd are sent to escort  Captain Koan of the rebellion for trial, but what will the truth unveil about the Governor of Falinore and his connection to the increase in Hisks, and Odd…